25 Greatest Mindblowing Midjourney Prompts You Ought to Strive

Midjourney is by far one of many finest AI artwork mills we now have ever tried. And in case you have discovered the way to use Midjourney, you understand what we’re speaking about. With its expansive customization choices to tinker with outputs, there’s a lot you are able to do with Midjourney. Nevertheless, one wants the perfect Midjourney prompts to completely leverage this text-to-image generator. To spark your creativeness, we now have scoured the Web and provide you with these 25 mindblowing Midjourney prompts that you must positively check out your self. So witness the sweetness under, and also you simply would possibly get an concept or two.

1. Shakespeare Reimagined

shakespeare reimagined
Picture Courtesy: Prompthero

a Shakespeare stage play, yellow mist, atmospheric, set design by Michel Crête, Aerial acrobatics design by André Simard, hyperrealistic, 4K, Octane render, unreal engine, –ar 9:16 –uplight

2. Volumetric Moon Knight

moon knight best midjourney prompts
Picture Courtesy: Prompthero

The Moon Knight dissolving into swirling sand, volumetric mud, cinematic lighting, shut up portrait –ar 1:2 —q 2

3. Ethereal Bohemian Waxwing Chook

bohemian bird
Picture Courtesy: Prompthero

ethereal Bohemian Waxwing hen, Bombycilla garrulus :: intricate particulars, ornate, detailed illustration, octane render :: Johanna Rupprecht fashion, William Morris fashion :: trending on artstation –ar 9:16

4. Steampunk Cat

steampunk cat best midjourney prompts
Picture Courtesy: Prompthero

5. The World in 100 Years

the world in 100 years
Picture Courtesy: Prompthero

how world appears to be like like in 100 years, intricate, extremely detailed –ar 9:16 –chaos 25 –s 5000 –q 2

6. Hatter in Wonderland

hatter in Wonderland
Picture Courtesy: Werbeagent, Discord

Hyper detailed film nonetheless that fuses the enduring tea celebration scene from Alice in Wonderland exhibiting the hatter and an grownup alice. a picket desk is crammed with teacups and hashish vegetation. The scene is surrounded by flying weed. Some playcards flying round within the air. Captured with a Hasselblad medium format digital camera. –ar 3:2 –v 5 –s 1000 –q 2 –

7. Venice in a Carnival

venice carnival best midjourney prompts
Picture Courtesy: DamShelma, Prompthero

venice in a carnival image 3, within the fashion of fantastical compositions, colourful, eye-catching compositions, symmetrical preparations, navy and aquamarine, distinctive noses, gothic references, spiral group –fashion expressive –ar 804:1344 –upanime –niji 5 –s 250 –v 5

8. Unsettling Egyptian Mummy

Scarry mummy best midjourney prompts
Picture Courtesy: Knishkabibble, Discord

Stunning and terrifying Egyptian mummy, flirting and vamping with the viewer, rotting and decaying climbing out of a sarcophagus lunging on the viewer, symmetrical full physique Portrait picture, elegant, extremely detailed, smooth ambient lighting, rule of thirds, skilled picture HD Pictures, movie, sony, painting, kodak Polaroid 3200dpi scan medium format movie Portra 800, vibrantly coloured portrait picture by Joel – Peter Witkin + Diane Arbus + Rhiannon + Mike Tang, trend shoot

9. Knitting Grandma

Knitting grandma
Picture Courtesy: vickwhy, Discord

A grandmotherly Destiny sits on a comfortable cosmic throne knitting with mirrored threads of time, the photo voltaic system spins like clockwork behind her as she knits the futures of individuals collectively like an infinite collage of future, maximilism, cinematic high quality, sharp – focus, intricate particulars

10. The Ocean at Your Door

bedroom ocean best midjourney prompts
Picture Courtesy: Falcon, Discord

Bed room melting into the ocean, 4k

11. A Cloud with Planes

cloud with planes
Immediate Courtesy: Azalas777, Discord

A cloud with a number of airplanes flying round on prime, within the fashion of detailed fantasy artwork, nightcore, quiet moments captured in paint, radiant clusters, i cant consider how lovely that is, detailed character design, darkish cyan and lightweight crimson –niji 5 –

12. The Queen of Crows

The Queen of Crows
Picture Courtesy: ThinhDinhLCA, Twitter

An extremely detailed shut up macro magnificence picture of an Asian mannequin, arms holding a bouquet of pink roses, surrounded by scary crows from hell. Shot on a Hasselblad medium format digital camera with a 100mm lens. Unmistakable to {a photograph}. Cinematic lighting. Photographed by Tim Walker, trending on 500px –ar 4:5 –s 750 –niji 5 –v 5 –q2

13. Helmet Lady

Helmet Girl best midjourney prompts
Picture Courtesy: Nicholas Neubert, Twitter

The participant is carrying an astronaut helmet, within the fashion of cyberpunk dystopia, 32k uhd, womancore, bronze and amber, dreamlike settings, gorecore, ivan albright –ar 107:53 –v 5

14. Recreation Island

Game island best midjourney prompts
Picture Courtesy: Nicholas Neubert, Twitter

Recreation-Artwork | An island with completely different geographical properties and a number of small cities floating in area ::10 Island | Floating island in area – waterfalls over the sting of the island falling into area – island fragments floating across the fringe of the island ::6 Particulars | Mountain Ranges – Deserts – Snowy Landscapes – Small Villages – one bigger metropolis ::8 Atmosphere | Galaxy – in deep area – different universes may be seen within the distance ::2 Fashion | Unreal Engine 5 – 8K UHD – Extremely Detailed – Recreation-Artwork ::7—ar 16:9 —s 1000 –v 5

15. Scarlet Peace

scarlet peace best midjourney prompts
Picture Courtesy: Atelier SG, Twitter

shot from the highest, a celebration costume lady in water along with her face lined by melted crimson ice, within the fashion of jennifer rubell, experimental filmmaking, louise bourgeois, aerial abstractions, dusan djukaric, blink-and-you-miss-it element, reasonable –ar 16:9

16. Conquering the Ocean

conquering the ocean
Picture Courtesy: AI Dream Engine, Twitter

a warrior sitting on a large creature and driving it within the water, with wings unfold vast within the water, digital camera positioned simply above the water to seize this lovely scene, floor exhibiting intricate particulars of the creature’s scales, fins, and wings, majesty, Hero rides on the creature within the water, digitally enhanced, enhanced graphics, straight, sharp focus, shiny lighting, closeup, cinematic, Bronze, Azure, blue, extremely extremely detailed, 18k, sharp focus, shiny picture with wealthy colours, full protection of a scene, straight view shot –ar 16:9 –v5

17. Ship in Turmoil

Ship in turmoil
Picture Courtesy: Prompthero

An actual photographic panorama portray with incomparable actuality,Tremendous vast,Ominous sky,Crusing boat,Wood boat,Lotus,Large waves,Starry evening,Harry potter,Volumetric lighting,Clearing,Real looking,James gurney,artstation –ar 9:16

18. Faith Reinvented

religion reinvented best midjourney prompts
Picture Courtesy: Rely Batty,Prompthero

Out-of-this-world impressionist oil portray of an awe inspiring cyber Christ hanging from a techno cross ::5 The Jesus on the cross has intricate futuristic cybernetic implants, and faces a congregation exulting believers, who worship him. The gang stands in adoration of Him, arms risen. Inside an enormous futuristic techno cathedral ::4 The temper is futuristic, ceremonial, grandiose. Cyber punk, sci-fi, neo-futuristic. ::3 Darkish atmosphere, gentle rays shine from the tall stained glass home windows, quantity lighting, dramatic lighting, cinematic lighting. Extremely vast shot, DOF. impressionist, oil on canvas, within the fashion of Claude Monet ::3 This an evocative illustration of know-how as the brand new religion of humanity, by exhibiting folks praying on the altar of know-how to a techno Christ, in a conventional impressioniti fashion. ::2 –no wings, mockup, dangerous anatomy, textual content, signature, watermark, username, low decision, worst high quality, low high quality, jpeg artefacts, blurry, cropped, badly framed –ar 5:7 –c 70 –seed 09493571 –s 600

19. True Evil

true evil best midjourney prompts
Picture Courtesy: DamShelma, Prompthero

An oil portray of the true evil, within the fashion of trompe – l’œil illusionistic element, blink – and – you – miss – it element, wiccan, lithograph, gothic darkish and macabre, romantic goth, gothic darkish and ornate

20. Solitude

Picture Courtesy: AI Gengrau,Twitter

a award profitable heroic shot of a mountainking in a surprising detailed showcave, epic mountainking meditate about life, lengthy curly beard, glowing blue eyes, cave is sort of a huge dome, improbable stalagmites and stalactites, cinematic lighting, moody lights, heroic pose, within the fashion of photorealistic fantasy, nonetheless from a oscar profitable fantasy film, detailed crown out of rock, shot on arri Alexa xf, 50mm zeiss supreme prime lens, clear and sharp focus, shallow dof, fantasycore, stonecore, fantastically coloration graded, dynamic composition, –ar 16:9 –s 500 –v 5

21. Boat on River

Boat on a river best midjourney prompts
Picture Courtesy: AI Gengrau,Twitter

Image your self in a ship on a river, with tangerine timber and marmalade skies, any individual calls you, you reply fairly slowly, A lady with kaleidoscope eyes, Cellophane flowers of yellow and inexperienced Towering over your head, Search for the lady with the solar in her eyes And she or he’s gone, Lucy within the sky with diamonds, within the fashion photorealistic psychedelic Artwork from Nineteen Sixties, epic albumcovers, fantastically coloration coded, –ar 16:9 –v 5

22. Rainforest Tribe

Rainforest tribe best midjourney prompts
Picture Courtesy: AI Gengrau,Twitter

a wide-angle shot from above of an indigenous lady standing on a mesoamerican pyramid, carrying a head scarf with many feathers like a pure Diadem dissolving along with her head, able to strike, detailed tribal make up, on the highest of a Pyramide in a dense rainforest, view from above, intense lighting, intense focus as leaves are swirl round her, otherworldly creature, within the fashion of fantasy films, photorealistic, shot on Hasselblad h6d-400c, zeiss prime lens, bokeh like f/0.8, tilt-shift lens, female hero pose, neo-mosaic, Neo shamanism, psychedelic, psy-trance Artwork, symmetrical steadiness, fantastical machines, alchemical symbols, serene faces, fantastically coloration coded, intricate composition, digitally enhanced, detailed wildlife, –ar 16:9 –s 750 –v 5

Carousel best midjourney prompts
Picture Courtesy: ArtiMindArt, Twitter

Experiment with double exposures on a Fujifilm X-T4, capturing each the carousel and the encompassing park surroundings in a single picture, utilizing a 35mm lens for a wider perspective. Play with completely different publicity settings and shutter speeds to create a dynamic and surreal composition. –q 2 –s 750 –v 5

24. The Earth Component

the earth element best midjourney prompts
Picture Courtesy: Dream Vault, Twitter

movie nonetheless, a earth elemental within the type of a magical ethereal human who harnesses the ability of nature within the kind earth, nature, rocks, and soil, dramatic lighting, clear imagery, crisp, ominous –s 750 –v 5 –ar 5:3

25. Chameleon

Chameleon best midjourney prompts
Picture Courtesy: Nicholas Neubert, Twitter

Excessive nation-geographic symmetrical close-up portrait shoot in inexperienced jungle of an expressive lizard, anamorphic lens, ultra-realistic, hyper-detailed, green-core, jungle-core –ar 16:9 –q 2 –v 5

And these are a few of the finest Midjourney prompts we discovered whereas experimenting with the AI artwork generator ourselves. As you’ll be able to already inform, no two photos are the identical. Whereas some photos have been made with Midjourney V5, others have been created utilizing Niji mode (Anime and character particular mannequin).

Midjourney can be extraordinarily able to creating artworks that require prompts so long as paragraphs to a easy five-word one which brings the ocean to your door. Relying on what you need your AI artwork to appear to be, be happy to completely combine and match till you get that masterpiece. And upon getting it, preserve refining it utilizing these finest Midjourney prompts.

Featured Picture Courtesy: Limon @ Discord

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