Louie Schwartzberg on Gratitude, Implausible Fungi and Childlike Surprise

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Katie: Hi there and welcome to the Wellness Mama podcast. I’m Katie from, and this episode was a extremely enjoyable one for me to document with somebody whose work I’ve adopted for a really very long time. I’m right here with Louie Schwartzberg who you’ve most likely heard of. He’s an award-winning cinematographer, director, and producer whose notable profession spans greater than 4 a long time, and he gives breathtaking video utilizing his time lapse and his cinematography methods that inform inspiring tales that deliver nature to life. His theatrical releases, you’ve most likely heard a few of them, embody Implausible Fungi, which was narrated by Brie Larson, the Mysteries of the Unseen World with Nationwide Geographic, narrated by Forrest Whitaker, and Wings of Life for Disney, narrated by Meryl Streep, America’s Coronary heart and Soul for Walt Disney Studios, and his Hovering Across the World Journey movie which is without doubt one of the hottest in Disney Park’s worldwide.

He has three TED Talks which have over 65 million mixed views, and he’s the one artist to be inducted into the Affiliation for the Development of Science. He additionally obtained the Debra Project Award for management and psychological wellness on the World Wellness Summit. He was featured on Oprah’s Tremendous Soul Sunday, and his Gratitude Revealed packages premiered on the OWN on-line platform as properly. In 2020, he obtained the Grand Visionary Award from the American Visionary Artwork Museum along with many Emmy nominations.

And, as I stated, I’ve been a giant fan of his work for a very long time. He created the collection accessible on Netflix known as Transferring Artwork, which if you happen to haven’t watched it, it’s completely lovely. It’s simply unimaginable cinematography and very calming sounds. It’s one we simply carry on within the background in our home usually, in addition to Implausible Fungi which I watched with my children, and Wings for Life which I consider is on Disney Plus now. And I’m very enthusiastic about his upcoming new movie known as Gratitude. It actually goes into the gorgeous story of gratitude and why it’s so essential. That’s popping out, relying on if you’re listening to this podcast, very quickly. You could find out extra about that at I wanna make sure that we maximize our time, so with none additional wait, let’s be part of Louie. Louie, welcome to the podcast. Thanks a lot for being right here.

Louie: Honored to be right here with you.

Katie: Nicely, I’ve been a giant fan of your work for a very long time, and I’m so excited to get to be taught extra from you in the present day. For individuals who aren’t acquainted, I’d guess most individuals are, you’ve a number of actually well-known movies, together with one which I watched with my children known as “Implausible Fungi.” However I’m enthusiastic about your upcoming movie, which is targeted on the subject of gratitude. So, to begin broad, I’d love to only hear what sort of sparked the concept for that one.

Louie: Positive. Nicely, gratitude is one thing I believe I form of grew up with, on condition that my dad and mom had been Holocaust survivors. They appreciated all of the little issues in life, so, you realize, all the pieces like meals on the desk or roof over your head, a gradual job, the miracle of with the ability to have youngsters given what they went by way of. And so these had been the issues that was like heaven on earth for them. And so dwelling below that, you realize, umbrella of gratitude.

Once I went to varsity, I wished to, you realize, battle for social justice, however then the anti-war course of had been taking place proper exterior my classroom. I began to {photograph} the, you realize, police brutality in opposition to protesters and girls, after which discovered my voice and bought concerned with images.

And that leads you into taking pictures nature. And if you shoot nature, it’s one other big portal into gratitude, appreciating all of the little issues we take as a right, just like the bees that give us the wholesome meals we have to eat, fruits, nuts, greens, seeds. You recognize, being an environmentalist is about being grateful. All these issues add up, I believe, to a worldview that’s all about making the world a greater place.

Katie: And such an essential and related message I believe proper now, particularly. I’ve really been a beekeeper since I used to be about 12 years previous and have all the time been simply amazed and fascinated by the bees and positively involved by the statistics we hold listening to in regards to the threats to their inhabitants and what that may do for all life on earth.

And I really like that you just tie within the concept of gratitude and nature as a result of I believe anybody who spends lots of time in nature, that appears very intuitive, however perhaps not one thing that’s top-of-mind as we hold listening to all of those research in regards to the well being advantages of gratitude, of which there are numerous proper now. So, I’d love so that you can expound on that a bit of bit extra and simply speak about form of the way you wove that into the movie.

Louie: Yeah. Nicely, I believe one of many advantages of being in nature is it makes you current, you realize, and that’s what lots of these conscious practices are all about when folks meditate. Simply looking at a flower and observing as you simply described at bee touchdown on the flower and understanding the context of what’s actually occurring, this concept that the bee is, like, grabbing that pollen to feed its youngsters, and on the identical time, the flower is getting the good thing about having its DNA moved from one level to a different as a messenger service.

And as we observe that, we’re the beneficiaries of getting the fruits, nuts, greens, and seeds. And so if you perceive the context or the science behind all of that, however on high of it, the fantastic thing about what you’re observing, how will you not be grateful? How are you going to not really feel appreciation and gratitude that this miracle is occurring, that you’re observing it, that you just’re alive and have the enjoyment and the emotional expertise of being moved by it? It’s a miracle. It’s a miracle that’s taking place billions of instances every day.

So, it’s simply one other method that I believe folks can use gratitude as an entry level to get them out of, like, let’s say a unfavorable spiral. You recognize, right here you might be. I’m positive you’re elevating your children. It’s not a straightforward factor to do. To take a second and respect one thing small, whether or not it’s, like, you realize, looking at that flower or being grateful that, you realize, your fingers are shifting and that you could breathe and that you just’ve bought love in your life, these are all of the little issues that enable you get out of ruminating on issues which might be unfavorable. And it’s simple for us to fall into that entice. It’s simple for me as properly. It’s a muscle you must develop. So, I believe working towards gratitude is a approach to actually change your life.

Katie: Do you’ve any explicit recommendations on methods to foster that in our personal lives, and particularly with our children? You talked about for you this has been form of a lifelong instance out of your dad and mom. And so for all of the dad and mom listening, what are some ways in which we will help our youngsters develop that behavior early and sometimes?

Louie: Nicely, I believe sharing the sense of marvel that youngsters have and with the ability to share that and be part of that, to be amazed by one thing so simple as what youngsters educate you is prefer to be amazed at, like, you realize, the crunchiness of a watermelon chew or, you realize, taking a look at a flower or a bug, no matter it could be that this trivial to adults is mind-blowing to an adolescent. After which that’s the entire pleasure of elevating youngsters. I’ve bought two daughters that I’ve raised, and now I’ve bought three grandchildren that they’re elevating. I really like falling again into that world of marvel and curiosity, you realize. And consider it or not, it does engender gratitude.

Katie: I really like that you just stated it that method. That’s one thing I’ve been very conscious of since my children had been born is how a lot…you realize. We attempt to change them a lot within the college system and we expect we now have to show them into adults. And I’ve all the time observed how children come form of out of the field with all these superb qualities in-built. They’ve that sense of marvel you stated. They’ve all this creativity and simply fascination with the world. And we form of prepare that out of them generally.

So, I’ve tried very arduous to assist foster that as a substitute of stifle it by by no means simply saying “as a result of I stated so” however really attempting to reply their questions and encourage their questions, which will be overwhelming as a result of children ask lots of them. However I really like that you just tied that in as a result of I believe children, to your level, are a few of our greatest lecturers and so they arrive with these superb qualities, a lot of which you speak about I believe on this movie, to construct on that, issues like creativity and braveness. I believe children are such nice lecturers of that.

Louie: Additionally, persistence as properly. Educating us to be affected person as they undergo completely different levels and tantrums, and to offer them the dignity of permitting them to be who they’re. They’re clearly pushing boundaries as a result of they’re studying find out how to separate themselves as people from you. And you must, I believe, be affected person throughout a few of these form of, you realize, tough moments as properly.

However undoubtedly, this entire concept of sharing marvel, curiosity, creativity together with your youngsters, they’re the most effective lecturers as a result of they’re wide-eyed. I imply, for me, marvel is the intersection between artwork and science, you realize. Whether or not you’re a scientist or an artist, you’re mainly doing the identical factor. You’re blown away with marvel. It’s a soul-cleansing expertise. It’s really wholesome to have your thoughts blown.

And practices…and also you requested earlier. I imply, it’s fairly identified that when folks simply write three to 5 issues down every single day that they’re grateful for, that actually does, you realize, enhance their life. And there’s even research in hospitals the place, you realize, having a gratitude journal will help folks heal sooner, helps with coronary heart illness. So, the proof is fairly apparent that working towards gratitude, simply being grateful for what you’ve bought is a step in the best path.

Katie: Yeah. I believe gratitude journaling looks like such a easy tip, and it’s so profound if you really do it, and it’s very a lot compounding. I’m a giant fan of Naval Ravikant who talks about compounding not simply in funds, however how in your life if you construct habits they compound into greater and larger outcomes, whether or not or not it’s studying, whether or not it’s gratitude journaling.

And if you speak about that sense of child-like marvel or having seen a few of your movies earlier than, I believe you do a tremendous job of capturing that and, like, form of bringing us again into that world. And when you make it look so easy as a result of the movies simply move so properly, I can solely think about that they arrive with their fair proportion of challenges. So, I’m simply curious if you happen to had any challenges in assembling any of those movies, particularly the latest one.

Louie: Yeah. Nicely, I’m glad you respect that. You recognize, folks say that, you realize, my movies are lovely. And it’s not a superficial factor to make a movie lovely. Magnificence is a part of the story. It’s a part of the messaging. I imply, ask your self, Katie, like, what’s the definition of magnificence? You recognize, it’s actually not the style cultural Kim Kardashian factor that you just discover on social media. Magnificence, I’ve all the time stated, is nature’s device for survival as a result of we defend what we love. That’s why your infants are cute. That’s why kittens are cute. That’s why puppies are cute. We’re hard-wired to like and to need life to go ahead. And so, you realize, we’re all the time gonna defend younger folks, you realize, as a result of that’s what we’re presupposed to do. We’re only a hyperlink within the chain of evolution that goes on, you realize, era after era.

So, getting again to the challenges within the film, yeah, I attempt to make issues lovely, and they’re, and I see the sweetness. I’m conscious of the lighting, the composition, the body price, all of that stuff as a result of I would like folks to fall in love with the expertise. And it’s an emotional connection that actually educates folks, you realize. You possibly can’t give them educational data, like, about local weather change, for instance, like, “Oh, guess what? You recognize, the ice cap is melting.” It doesn’t actually shift habits. However if you happen to fall in love with timber, for instance, you possibly can’t throw away a bunch of paper. Not since you had been instructed to do it, you realize, like a to-do checklist, however extra prefer it hurts. You recognize, I actually care about this.

So, I’m attempting to succeed in folks on a really emotional degree and to speak the marvel and awe that I really feel for the time being of filming one thing. I wanna have the ability to translate that and transmit that. And yeah, it’s a wrestle, however, like, after I see folks reply to it and whether or not they snicker or cry by watching the movie, that’s after I really feel actually good about it.

Katie: I really like that concept of getting folks fall in love with it. And it is sensible that that may drive essentially the most change. Possibly it was Einstein who stated, when requested what’s the distinction between like and love, “While you like a flower, you narrow it, and if you like it, you water it.” And that’s all the time form of caught with me, however that appears very a lot what you do. And you probably did I consider in “Implausible Fungi” as properly very a lot so. I discovered a lot about mushrooms in that movie, but in addition got here to understand them much more. And in some methods, would you say this one builds on the work you probably did in “Implausible Fungi?”

Louie: It does. You recognize, I by no means actually fairly understood the connection. I imply, a part of the rationale for making “Gratitude” was, like, when the pandemic began, you realize, one thing I’ve all the time been, like, wanting. I’ve been taking pictures little sequences. I can’t exit on location simply. So, I figured, you realize, now’s the time to edit this film and put it on the market. However that was a sensible motive.

However the different motive is the knowledge that we discovered from “Implausible Fungi” of this, like, mycelial community below the bottom, the shared financial system, not primarily based on greed the place ecosystems flourish, the place a mom tree takes care of its infants, you realize. We gotta take that knowledge from under the bottom and convey it above the bottom.

So, after watching “Implausible Fungi,” how do you combine nature’s intelligence into your private life, into your relationships, into the way you elevate your children, into your neighborhood, your online business, your work, your worldview? You possibly can’t simply have this aha second and go, “Oh, my God. So, that’s how a forest works. It’s not a bunch of timber, it’s really a neighborhood,” you realize. How do you incorporate that knowledge into what you’re doing? That’s actually the problem. So, that’s how I believe the 2 movies are actually complementary. You recognize, you see the blueprint of nature’s working directions and we’re part of nature. Why wouldn’t you’re taking that very same sample which has been developed with, you realize, R&D for about a few billion years, why wouldn’t you’re taking that data and that knowledge of find out how to survive, find out how to make life flourish, why wouldn’t you wanna apply that to your life?

Katie: And I can solely think about if you’re engaged on a undertaking of this scale you should most likely begin with so many interviews and a lot footage. How do you parse out and resolve what’s really gonna make the movie? As a result of I really feel like I encounter that on a small scale simply with podcasting. I get to have all these superb conversations and be taught all of those superb details, and to combine each single factor into my life can be greater than I’ve time for in a day. So, how do you parse by way of that and resolve what makes the reduce?

Louie: Nicely, once more, working with, you realize, editors collectively. It’s actually like sculpture. It’s about shaving away something that’s extraneous, and then you definately carry on shaving it away and shaving it away till you get all the way down to the very core essence of what you’re attempting to speak. And my job is to make folks look good. And hopefully, that’s your job, too, if you do that podcast is that you just’re gonna get all the way down to the core essence of what we’re attempting to share.

And it’s an extended course of. It’s a tedious course of. A number of instances I’ll take, you realize, sentence A and reduce it up with sentence B and we shift it round so that folks can actually clearly perceive the purpose that that individual was attempting to make. It’s like modifying a tough draft if you write a letter, you realize. It’s the same factor. And there’s form of a pleasure in simply, like, all the time getting rid of what’s pointless.

So, for me, it’s form of attention-grabbing. It’s like after I do an interview like with you proper now, I’ve to watch out that I don’t edit myself in order that I find yourself with, like, a really streamlined response that’s very brief as a result of that’s what I’m all the time on the lookout for, proper? I desire a one-sentence reply at any time when I’m interviewing any individual. And after I’m being interviewed by you, I’ve to watch out that I’m not modifying myself right into a one-sentence reply. However there’s a pleasure in sculpting. It truly is like sculpture.

Katie: And with a undertaking this large, I can solely think about that’s additionally a bit of bit like most likely bringing a baby into the world and also you most likely have all these form of hopes and desires for it. What can be the important thing takeaways you hope folks take from this movie, and/or what change do you hope this begins and create ripples for?

Louie: I believe that…properly, particularly, you realize, popping out of this pandemic, one of many hardest issues for most individuals, basically, has been this sense of disconnection, of not with the ability to get along with household and mates. And the movie is basically about connection in a really broad method of seeing how we really are all related. And I would like folks to return to theaters if they’ll, clearly. We’re gonna be releasing on September sixteenth in theaters, however then we’ll be doing it just about and it’ll be accessible on-line as properly.

I’m hoping that folks can really feel that sense of connection and with the ability to observe completely different folks, ethnicities, genders, areas of the nation, areas of the world, and understand we’re similar to one other model of ourselves, you realize. We could have a special accent. We could look completely different. We could costume completely different. We could have completely different music and completely different cultural kinds, however we’re all doing the identical factor. We’re caring for our youngsters. We wanna make the world a greater place. We’re attempting to outlive.

And so the movie doesn’t inform anybody, like, what to do or find out how to do something, like, with their lives. You’re simply gonna see an instance of somebody who actually has braveness like Erik Weihenmayer, the blind ice climber who climbed Mount Everest, or Patty Wagstaff, you realize, feminine aerobatic champion, a rug weaver in Appalachia. All these completely different, like, outstanding however bizarre persons are enthusiastic about what they’re doing and supplying you with a glimpse into a facet or a worth that I believe provides as much as gratitude, generosity, compassion, love, creativity. All these items add as much as the general feeling of being grateful.

And in a method, if all of us change into a bit of bit extra current and a bit of bit extra loving and a bit of bit extra compassionate, I believe it could change the world. I believe it’s additionally not directly a political assertion in that you just’re solely gonna vote for those who share your values of defending youngsters, of desirous to make the world a greater place, of getting wholesome meals, wholesome local weather. These are all of the issues we would like. And if you may get folks to know that, then I believe politically, it’s a robust message.

Katie: Yeah. And also you touched on two issues that I’ve come to search out in my very own life and likewise seen the analysis to again are so essential broadly for well being, however I believe additionally only for existence as a human. The primary being you touched on that connection and neighborhood facet. And this actually struck me after I began delving into the analysis on blue zones as a result of everyone likes to pinpoint what it’s about blue zones and whether or not it’s the pink wine or the Mediterranean food plan or no matter it might be.

And it seems if you really run the information, the one factor that all of them share in frequent is that they have very robust communities. And whether or not they’re ingesting their pink wine or they’re not, or whether or not they’re consuming seafood or they’re not, they’re usually strolling to dinner or to a bunch the place they’re spending time with family members each single day. And that’s one thing we’ve largely minimized within the trendy world. And so I believe that alone is a big treatment for lots of these items that we’re dealing with, and particularly popping out of those previous couple of years form of to undo that nervousness that so many individuals felt.

After which the second being presence. And I believe as a mum or dad, this can be a powerful one, however I’d say probably the most essential ones as a result of that entire concept of the times are lengthy and the years are brief, that’s so cliche nevertheless it’s so true, and it’s so arduous to be current generally in these day by day moments. That may be so chaotic and so loud and so overwhelming. However I believe the ability of being current in no matter second we’re in is of treatment to so many issues that we encounter in life, and particularly a present to our children who we solely get for a brief proportion of time of their life.

Louie: I completely consider what you stated is totally true. And it’s nice that you just’ve come onto that realization simply from your personal expertise, not having to learn it in books, no matter, however that’s so, so true.

Katie: And I do know that “Gratitude” is the top-of-mind movie proper now, however I’d like to additionally simply…if you happen to may form of overview a bit of bit from “Implausible Fungi,” as a result of I do know this one’s accessible as properly and folks can watch it. And it was such an enchanting one to look at with my children. And like I stated, I discovered a lot, and I believe it’s one thing we don’t perceive most of us very a lot about and is so fascinating and such an enormous a part of our world. So, perhaps simply share a bit of little bit of your inspiration for that one and perhaps issues that stunned you.

Louie: Yeah. Nicely, as I stated earlier, the movie earlier than I made “Implausible Fungi” is “Wings of Life,” which is on Disney+, and that’s the connection between pollinators, bees, bats, hummingbirds, butterflies, and flowers. Narrated by Meryl Streep who’s seducing, once more, with magnificence, these little pollinators to return get her so she will transfer her DNA round. I name it a love story that feeds the earth. So, then this intersection between the animal world and a plant world I assumed was the muse of life.

Nicely, then you must ask your self, what do vegetation want? They want soil. And similar to a child with wide-eyed marvel, children will all the time say, “Nicely, the place does soil come from? What’s air? What’s water?” And the reply to what’s soil and the place does it come from? Most individuals don’t know that reply. Folks that go to college don’t know that reply.

So, soil comes from the decomposition of natural matter, which is finished by fungi. And with out them, there can be no soil. No soil, no vegetation. No vegetation, no life. And so I’m all the time form of asking, like, why? Like, a bit of child, why this? Why? Why/ Why? And I wanna get deeper and deeper. So, that put me on the journey to make “Implausible Fungi.” And there have been so many issues that I discovered that I didn’t know. I didn’t know the truth that it might be the best pure answer for local weather change as a result of the carbon dioxide goes to the vegetation, the oxygen’s launched, however 70% of the carbon goes down into the roots, transferred to the mycelial community, and is saved there for 1000’s of years.

Carbon is the constructing block of life. You’re manufactured from carbon. Vegetation are manufactured from carbon. So, I discovered that it was the best pure answer for local weather change. I discovered that it could additionally heal us. Lion’s mane is basically essential for folks affected by reminiscence loss, Alzheimer’s. Turkey tail, crucial for build up your immune system. Research have came upon that together with another medicine, it’s actually essential for most cancers, breast most cancers, particularly. And, in fact, you realize, Psilocybin or magic mushrooms is being now, you realize, utilized in over 60 completely different universities in scientific trials to deal with folks with trauma and PTSD. We simply completed a trial in Santa Monica combining my imagery with psilocybin to deal with alcohol dependancy, and the outcomes, I believe, are gonna be tremendous optimistic.

So, it’s fairly outstanding what these little guys can do. It’s method greater than the plant kingdom. And the plant kingdom is method greater than us, the animal. And I shouldn’t even use the phrase kingdom. I needs to be respectful and name it kindom in order that we’re, like, gender-neutral. They usually don’t educate it at college. Give it some thought. Simply natural world. They don’t educate fungi, you realize. Most individuals assume mushrooms are a plant. Hi there. That’s like me saying {that a} giraffe is a plant. It’s actually not very clever to try this. And why aren’t we instructing youngsters? So, we created a curriculum round “Implausible Fungi.” We’re gonna be releasing that in faculties Ok-12 free of charge, educate younger folks the enjoyment of this miracle of life that’s taking place below the bottom. Simply because we don’t see it doesn’t imply it’s actual. And that’s why I made “Implausible Fungi.”

Katie: Nicely, I’d like to be included and get updates on the curriculum being launched. We’ve lots of homeschool dad and mom listening, in addition to dad and mom who ship their children to different types of college, however that sounds fascinating.

And likewise, it makes me so comfortable to listen to the way you clarify that since you are very a lot a first-principle thinker, like time and again asking why, which children are so sensible at naturally, and attending to the true constructing blocks within the first ideas is so uncommon. And I really like encountering individuals who assume that method as a result of that’s the place you get that lovely magic like your movies.

And I’m additionally glad you talked about the scientific trials which might be taking place with a few of these magic mushrooms as a result of I just lately simply interviewed somebody from MAPS and the outcomes they’re getting are completely beautiful. I imply, we’re not speaking about people who find themselves simply, like, entry-level, perhaps I’ve trauma. These are extreme treatment-resistant PTSD who’ve tried all the opposite medical choices. And in a scientific setting, they had been seeing upwards of 60% fully not assembly the diagnostic standards for PTSD after. So, we’re speaking about one thing very, very profound that comes from nature. And I’m actually excited to see that the medical neighborhood is now actually beginning to delve into that, most likely largely because of work like yours and others who’re serving to deliver it to the forefront.

Louie: There are simply so some ways I believe nature can communicate to us. I imply, nature can…you realize, visually with the movies that I do. However when you consider it, I imply, the best way natural life on the planet communicates is primarily by chemistry, you realize. So, ingesting vegetation which might be drugs, and I’m not speaking about psychedelics now, I’m simply saying, basically, all of the vegetation which might be wholesome, which might be good for you, you realize, that heal your coronary heart, your liver, no matter it could be. All drugs primarily comes from vegetation.

So, you must form of scratch your head and go, “Why would a plant create a molecule that’s helpful to your well being? And why would, you realize, a plant or a mushroom create a molecule that may, you realize, enable you open your thoughts and broaden your consciousness?” It’s fairly outstanding. It fills me with marvel and awe. I don’t assume science has a solution for that apart from perhaps the mushrooms are wanting us to change into extra in contact with nature, with the universe in order that we don’t destroy the planet. Possibly it’s a method that they communicate to us to be extra current, to be extra aware. However I believe it’s actually a miracle that they convey to us in so many various methods, by both consuming them, by observing them, by touching them. It’s only a miracle we now have this relationship with the plant world and the fungi world.

Katie: Yeah. And perhaps additionally it’s really, like, a present to us as people as a result of a number of podcast visitors have talked about earlier than on the subject of the environmental aspect. They’re like, you realize, “We’ve to reframe this as a result of it’s not about saving the planet per se. The planet is a self-sustaining organism that’s going to proceed. It’s actually about whether or not we get to maintain dwelling on it or not or we destroy our potential to try this.” And maybe our evolution, in that matter, will assist us to have the ability to proceed present on the planet with the planet’s permission. You’ve had so many…

Louie: And I believe…

Katie: Oh, go forward.

Louie: ….however that’s why gratitude is essential as a result of to have the ability to respect the pollinators, the flowers, the bees, the vegetation, I imply, then you definately understand we’re only a spec on this big ecosystem. We’ve solely been right here a fraction of a second. While you take a look at the timeline, you say, you realize, people arrived, like, not even a second earlier than the stroke of midnight. All these different life varieties have been right here for billions and billions of years. So, we simply need to dwell in concord. And I believe gratitude helps you’re feeling that emotional connection to dwell in concord together with your surroundings.

Katie: Yeah. It’s an exquisite approach to put it. And also you’ve had so many superb tasks already. I’m curious, what’s coming subsequent for you? I can solely think about you most likely don’t sit nonetheless fairly often. So, what’s subsequent on line for you?

Louie: Nicely, presently, you realize, we’re actually engaged on getting the movie out, which we’re doing independently in order that we will management the messaging. However after this, I’m growing a movie about marvel and awe, which is, like, the candy spot of each child, and scientist, and artist. And I would like “Implausible Fungi” to be additionally an immersive expertise the place folks go like this Van Gogh Museum displays and folks can expertise, like, what it feels prefer to be below the bottom within the mycelial community and have the ability to, you realize, be a mushroom for a bit of bit. These are the upcoming tasks for the time being.

Katie: And on that be aware, earlier than we transfer on from this, how can folks watch your previous movies and likewise particularly “Gratitude,” which is about to be launched I believe proper in time for World Gratitude Day, proper?

Louie: Yeah. So, has a list of the theatrical screenings which might be arising in a few weeks. After which we’re gonna have a bunch of digital screenings. By November, it’ll most likely be accessible on-line. So, if you happen to go to, you’ll have the ability to watch “Gratitude.” “Implausible Fungi,” we finally licensed it to Netflix. So, it’s accessible nearly in every single place. After which I discussed “Wings of Life” on Disney+ is one other nice story.

So, give it some thought. I bought Meryl Streep being the voice of the flower. I bought a badass Brie Larson being the voice of the mushroom. I’m all the time utilizing the female to actually be the voice of Gaia, you realize. And I believe that too many nature documentaries deal with the macho, they deal with the kill or be killed, survival of the fittest. And there is part of nature that’s like that, nevertheless it’s not the actual story of nature. It’s not the grand story.

The grand story of nature is the female. It’s about relationships. It’s about nurturing. It’s about cooperation. It’s about giving beginning. It’s about making life go ahead. And people tales don’t have lots of battle. And perhaps as a result of they don’t have battle, you realize, the Nat Geos and the BBCs of the world don’t like to inform these tales. It’s fairly simple to indicate predator versus prey to get an adrenaline rush. However I’d fairly inform these tales which might be extra on the female aspect as a result of I really feel prefer it warms your coronary heart and it provides you a deeper understanding of what life is all about.

Katie: Yeah. And to circle again to the start and it provides you that appreciation and hopefully love of nature and wanting to guard it and defend our place in it.

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I’m additionally curious, this have to be such an enchanting factor that you just get to do as your life, however perhaps some enjoyable tales out of your time filming, perhaps some loopy locations that you just’ve filmed or conditions that occurred.

Louie: Yeah. Oh, gosh. Nicely, I’d say like filming monarch butterflies in Mexico was a giant spotlight in my life, with the ability to be surrounded by thousands and thousands of butterflies, which, sadly, folks simply discovered that they’re gonna put them on the endangered species checklist as a result of as they journey from Mexico all the best way to Canada, the pesticides that we in America placed on the soil are killing pollinators.

However take into consideration this lovely story how these monarchs, you realize, they winter within the highlands of Mexico, 11,000 ft, after which they reproduce alongside the best way as they’re flying to Canada and that their youngsters, and their grandchildren, and generally their great-grandchildren make the return journey from Canada all the best way again to the highlands of Mexico after which go to the very same 4 or 5 acres the place their grandparents began. How do they understand how to try this? How are they in a position to navigate with storms, wind, and every kind of variables? It isn’t like you possibly can simply go do south with a compass and get there as a result of the wind would blow you round far and wide.

So, to be surrounded by butterflies, by thousands and thousands of butterflies, to have the ability to hear the sound of their wings fluttering as a result of there’s one million butterflies round you, that I believe was one of many highlights of my life.

Katie: Have there ever been any, like, harmful or wild terrains the place issues bought a bit of dicey for some time?

Louie: Yeah. Each time I shoot aerials, I all the time push it to the sting by getting as shut as I can to a rock, mountain, or taking place the face of a waterfall. I imply, by no means to the purpose the place I’d ever danger anybody’s life and being in peril, however until you get actually shut to things like that, it’s not dramatic. Gosh, I don’t know.

Nicely, like in Gratitude Revealed, I filmed these, like, avenue leisures. These are those that go on, like, lengthy skateboards and so they’re hauling butt down a steep hill nearly at, like, 70 to 80 miles an hour. And I’m in a bit of aspect cart, you realize, and there’s no brakes on these items. And I’m hanging with a jib arm, which is sort of a piece of metallic and weights, and so they’re low to the bottom and so they bought these leathered fits on. So, in the event that they fall, they’ll simply skid and so they received’t actually damage themselves. They’re, like, three or 4 inches off the bottom. I’m surrounded by all this metallic, sharp metallic. And if we ever flipped, it might be form of sport over. So, that’s simply an instance of issues I do which might be harmful. However after some time, I imply, I really feel like I’m on a mission to inform the story and to show folks on. I’m not gonna get damage.

Katie: Wow. That’s a tremendous story. Wherever that’s nonetheless a bucket checklist merchandise for you, a spot that you just actually would like to movie?

Louie: I haven’t gone to the Arctic or Antarctica. I’ve been shut. I believe really with Greenland, we had been contained in the Arctic Circle, however I’d like to go actually to the North or South Pole.

Katie: The closest I’ve gotten was in Lapland, Finland, which was barely within the Arctic Circle. And we visited the Sámi tribe and did the sauna and chilly plunge. And it was I believe 20-degree Fahrenheit chilly plunge in shifting water. And that’s by far one of many hardest issues I’ve ever completed in my life, however that was an unimaginable expertise.

Louie: How lengthy had been you within the water?

Katie: Nicely, we had been in a 200-degree sauna for so long as we may deal with, which ended up being about half an hour. After which my purpose was to remain within the water for one minute, and I did it, and my entire physique was sizzling pink from that temperature change.

Louie: I heard it’s actually good for you. I imply, look, that’s simply one other good instance of…and the rationale why it’s helpful is it builds your resilience, you realize. It’s good to push… It’s nearly like a fireplace alarm, you realize. It’s good to have that have of testing, you realize, the resilience of your physique. Should you’re all the time within the consolation zone, not good, you realize. Don’t all the time be in 72-degree temperature, you realize, as a result of your physique must learn to regulate. It’s an excellent factor.

And vegetation which might be burdened a bit of bit survive longer, proper? And those that eat rather less dwell longer. So, with the ability to push the boundaries of your resilience can be a wholesome factor.

Katie: Yeah. And I believe ties in with gratitude and psychological well being as properly. I’m a giant fan of sauna and chilly and likewise fasting at instances. I believe all of these assist us have gratitude for when issues are so fantastic and simple. And the plant factor jogs my memory, I discovered the secondhand, so hopefully, it’s correct, however that they had constructed form of a biosphere and so they had all these timber. And sooner or later, the timber simply began falling over and so they realized it was as a result of they weren’t getting wind and they also weren’t growing resilience of their roots as a result of they weren’t having to, like, have that fortitude to face as much as the wind. And I assumed, ‘what an exquisite metaphor for all times? If we by no means encounter the wind, we by no means get to develop our roots.”

Louie: That’s an exquisite story. It’s an exquisite metaphor, nevertheless it’s so true, you realize. And those that backyard know don’t overwater your tomatoes and don’t try this stuff since you’re giving them an excessive amount of. And perhaps the identical factor together with your children. Don’t coddle them an excessive amount of.

Katie: Yeah. From early ages, I’ve had a non-negotiable rule the place I received’t do something for my children that they’re able to doing themselves, however the purpose is to lift them to be autonomous. And never that I received’t braid their hair for enjoyable as a bonding expertise or, like, learn tales to them as soon as they’ll learn, however I’m not gonna do their laundry once they can do their laundry as a result of they’re able to doing it, and many others. Like, I don’t wanna take that away from them.

Louie: No, I imply, they’ll additionally get themselves a glass of water, you realize, and all of the little issues. And I discovered after I traveled with my daughters and with my grandkids, it’s like they develop up sooner if you take them out of their surroundings and out of their consolation zone. They should adapt. They should be taught. And that’s how they mature sooner.

Katie: Such an excellent level. And our time, as anticipated, has flown by. I do know you’ve a tough cease. You’ve been a lot enjoyable to speak to. However a number of final questions I like to ask. The primary one, if there’s a e book or a lot of books which have profoundly impacted your life, and in that case, what they’re and why.

Louie: Oh, wow. Nice query. I believe in faculty, I actually cherished Hermann Hesse, you realize, “Demian and Goldmund and Narcissus.” He actually impressed me so much. “Siddhartha” was one other good one. I don’t learn so much as a result of I are inclined to spend all my time filming, modifying, you realize. It’s arduous to have the time to learn, however these are those that formed me after I was youthful.

Katie: Superior. I’ll embody hyperlinks to these within the present notes, in addition to, in fact, hyperlinks to your movies. And lastly, any parting recommendation for the listeners in the present day that might be associated to one thing we’ve talked about or solely unrelated?

Louie: Nice query. I believe I’d prefer to circle again to that entire concept of defend what you’re keen on, whether or not it’s your youngsters, the planet. Be open to that feeling of affection. And love comes from being impressed by magnificence, and to develop that as a talent. Should you’re on a stroll, discover the sunshine hitting the timber to concentrate on magnificence. Simply concentrate on magnificence. Nurture it. It’ll change your life.

Katie: That’s an exquisite place to place a pin in it for in the present day and to summarize a lot of what we talked about. Like I stated in the beginning, I’ve admired your work for a very long time. I cherished watching your movies with my children. And I’m so grateful for you taking the time and being right here with us in the present day, and so excited to look at “Gratitude.”

Louie: You recognize, really, there may be one different factor I wished to share. I’ve a collection on Netflix known as “Transferring Artwork.” It’s lovely nature with music. And I’ve gotten feedback from dad and mom who’ve stated they’ve had main breakthroughs with youngsters with autism, or they use it to place their children to sleep at evening. I’ve by no means claimed it’s a therapeutic modality, however in addition to youngsters, I imply, youngsters which might be suicidal, folks with PTSD, folks with most cancers, folks on the finish of life, however I’ve been actually impressed by getting these tales of how dad and mom with youngsters with autism have main breakthroughs by watching these movies.

Katie: I really like that you just talked about that. I want we had even delved into it a bit of extra. We don’t do a lot TV in our home, however as a result of there was already an enormous TV in the home after we moved in and I didn’t wanna simply flip it into a type of static footage, I fairly often have “Transferring Artwork” on on the TV as a result of it’s so lovely. And I’ll discover the youngsters as I stroll by way of generally they’ll simply form of be enthralled by it and it’ll catch their consideration for a short time. It’s additionally simply so deeply enjoyable and nearly meditative.

So, if you happen to guys haven’t checked out “Transferring Artwork,” extremely, extremely suggest that one, in addition to all your different movies. And I’ll undoubtedly be there for a screening of “Gratitude.” And with that, I’ve a lot gratitude for you and your work and on your time in the present day. Thanks for being right here.

Louie: Thanks, Katie. Love what you do.

Katie: Thanks. And thanks, as all the time, to all of you for listening and sharing your most useful assets, your time, your vitality, and your consideration with us in the present day. We’re each so grateful that you just did, and I hope that you’ll be part of me once more on the following episode of the “Wellness Mama Podcast.”

Should you’re having fun with these interviews, would you please take two minutes to go away a ranking or evaluate on iTunes for me? Doing this helps extra folks to search out the podcast, which implies much more mothers and households may benefit from the data. I actually respect your time, and thanks as all the time for listening.

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